Have I Told You About My Superpowers

a book of resilient verse

by Luther Kissam V

[$10, Little Star paperback, 75 pages, ISBN 978-1-7358872-5-8]

Whether “manic sailing with planets” or using “the rust of mars” to describe anger, emerging poet Luther Kissam V draws on the celestial and terrestrial to explore mental health. These elements push and pull Kissam’s poems through chaos and calm, through meditations and medications, and ultimately, to a maintained balance. For Kissam, bipolar is a gift from the moon, a gravitational force that fuels exploration of space: mental, physical and spiritual. The selected poems in Superpowers are deeply personal, revealing the tumult and tranquility teetering in us all, especially in those whose experience of beauty, joy, and pain is physical, sometimes tragic, and often supernatural. His confessions of failure, triumph, and resiliency will resonate with those affected by, diagnosed with, or curious about bipolar disorder.